Saturday, May 01, 2010

Bay Area Top Ropes Guide is here!!!

Today we are launching Bay Area Top Ropes, a 128 page color book that has 260 top ropes within a 2 hour drive of San Francisco. Chris Summit is the main author with help from me and Valentine Cullen.

To launch this book, we are providing a special offer: if you buy the eBook today, you get the print book free as soon as it arrives (probably will ship around May 20). As part of this offer, you get a free print book, free shipping, no sales tax, and you get to be one of the first to get the book. And, as a practical matter, you help us with our printing bill. This offer expires May 20. Check it out here

You can check out the introduction, table of contents and a free sample topo here

We are also in the process of adding the classic routes into the Route Database. Those will be live soon.


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