Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Best Slackline Review is now live!

The Best Slackline review is now live. Damian Cooksey tested the lines so hard he was able to break many of them. We handed out many awards including best beginner slackline to the Gibbon Slackline Classic Model

Here is how the tests went down: We pulled together nine kits from the most active slackline companies on the market today, plus we rigged one the old-fashioned way with a few carabiners and some webbing. We rigged the lines at Bridges Rock Gym, in local parks, as highlines, longlines, trick lines – every way possible for each kit. We rigged them, walked on them, tore them down, rigged them again, bounced on them, tightened them to near failure, rigged and walked them again.

After a multitude of testing environments and over a mile of slackline webbing, we rounded out the best uses of each of these slackline kits. We timed how long it took to rig, making all the mistakes possible following sometimes complicated rigging instructions. We rated each product for its versatility, ease of setup, speed of setup, safety of setup and take-down, quality, durability of materials and price. We used these criteria in order to select our Editor’s Award winners.


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