Friday, July 30, 2010

Great Book of BASE is here - BASE Jumping Explained

The Great Book of BASE has arrived! Books are arriving within the hour! All pre-orders ship today and tomorrow.

I got one of the advanced copies of this base jumping book because I get the job of packaging and shipping them all to you. It looks awesome! The photos alone are worth it: they are full color and bad ass. The writing spans just about everything including one story about a vegas casino/rock star/playmate episode that is most entertaining building jump story i have ever read.

This is a self-published book. No big marketing budget for advertising, road tour etc so please, please tell a friend or two about the book. Many thanks in advance for forwarding this link to your friends

SuperTopo (me) is going to be distributing these books. If you know any DZ's or online stores that are interested in carrying the book, please contact me chris at supertopo dot com